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The stationery event "High Note Expo 2023" sponsored by High Note

It will be held for the first time in 4 years on July 29, 2023!

High Note Expo has been a very popular event that has been held every year since 2013, but since 2020 it has become a popular event.Canceled due to the influence of Rona
This time, it will be held for the first time in four years since 2019.

On the day, more than 40 famous stationery manufacturers from all over the country will gather, and not only will they exhibit and sell the latest stationery, but they will also hold workshops using stationery!

event date Saturday, July 29, 202310:00-16:00
Venue: Biento Takasaki Big Cube (2-7 Toiyacho, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture)
free entrance

The parking lot will be very crowded, so please come by public transportation if possible.

Please refrain from parking in nearby stores or nearby facility parking lots.

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Exhibiting companies
3M Japan Co., Ltd. Sakura Crepas Co., Ltd. *Nina Co., Ltd. Kuretake Co., Ltd. Curl Office Machine Co., Ltd. Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd. Toyo Co., Ltd. Yamato Co., Ltd. *Sakai Co., Ltd. Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. Shachihata Co., Ltd. Reimei Fujii Co., Ltd. Diamond Co., Ltd. Akashiya Co., Ltd. *Teranishi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Maruman Co., Ltd. Maruai Co., Ltd. King Jim Co., Ltd. Max Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Pencil Saitama Prefecture Sales Co., Ltd. MDS Co., Ltd. Tokyo Ecole Co., Ltd. Pentel Co., Ltd. LIHIT LAB. Co., Ltd. Tokyo Crown Co., Ltd. Dorapas stock Companies *Luddite Co., Ltd. Arte Co., Ltd. Zebra Co., Ltd. Sunstar Stationery Co., Ltd. Kutsuwa Co., Ltd. Pilot Corporation Co., Ltd. KOKUYO Kitakanto Sales Co., Ltd. Fukinori Kogyo Co., Ltd. Hisago Co., Ltd. Sekisei Co., Ltd. Tokyo Pushpin Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chusan Esty Co., Ltd. Company * Miraiya Shoten Co., Ltd. Kyoai Gakuen Maebashi International University Mayumi Silkworm (in no particular order) Exhibiting companies as of 5/15 * First exhibitor

teamy live

13:00~ 15:00~ On the stage inside the venue

★chi-mey_A photo.jpg

As the ``singing guy you can meet'', he is very popular with children and parents at halls, shopping malls, etc. all over the country!

He is not only a singer, but also a performer, songwriter, illustrator, etc., and is a multi-artist who develops his own unique world through various methods of expression.

He has also become a hot topic for providing music to numerous artists regardless of genre.

Currently appearing on NHK TV's ``Nosy's Hirameki Kobo''!


At High Note Expo 2018

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